Special Initiatives

GVT, in pursuit of its vision, mission and goals has been continuously striving to move on to achieve its goals. Recently it has undertaken some special initiatives and has expanded its area of activities like Market Linkage & Marketing of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables (FFV), Marketing of Handicrafts, E-Governance Services (Unique Identification cards registration, National Population Register digitization and updation, Health Cards registration under RSBY), Financial inclusion, Social Enterprises etc which, it sees will go a long way to make life easier and more comfortable for the marginalized communities of the society. GVT is liaisoning with state governments and other agencies to undertake similar assignments and help in their implementation process.


GVT has undertaken these initiatives with a view to empower the communities it works with. It sees itself more as a facilitator with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of the marginalized on a sustainable basis and their empowerment would in turn ensure their participation in the national main stream of which they have void of till date. Market linkage & Marketing of FFV, which is being carried out in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, aims to reduce the rate of exploitation of the poor farmers who are constantly being exploited by the middle men and agent while selling their products. The middle men and agents eat away a major part of the profit in the process. By providing market linkage to these poor farmers, GVT offers them a platform where they can sell their produce at a higher price and earn a decent profit. Our pilot project has induced a great deal of bargaining power in them.


E-Governance Services which have been undertaken would go a long way in helping the beneficiaries to get direct benefits of various central sponsored schemes and cash transfer which were hitherto entangled with lots of redtapism and other forms of harassment in the vicious circle of corruption. E-Governance will go a long way in reducing these anomalies which will ultimately result in the end of redtapism and other forms of exploitation of the poor.


One of the biggest hurdle which majority of these tribal craftsmen face is to market their produce. Due to lack of proper training and lack of awareness these tribal end up selling their products to middle men who buy from them at a very lower price and sell them at a much higher price to the end customers. GVT acts as a facilitator. It has created a small fund called Social Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF) to bridge the gap and at times uses its own fund when it sees a poor person has the potential to become an entrepreneur. It trains him/her and build their capacities which help them to realize their potentialities. 




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