Social Entrepreneurship and Market Access

A major initiative has been taken by Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperation to develop entrepreneurship based on farmers produce through member based farmers group called Farmers Producers Organization (FPO). This is a major step forward through Govt. of India for the Agriculture sector as a part of Startup India. GVT has aligned itself with this initiative and organized more than 2000 producer groups of the farmers amongst the farming community and also formed two producers company under Indian Companies Act. A producer group of farmers is basically formed within the agricultural activity being carried out by GVT in 5 states namely Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar and W. Bengal. The agricultural activity is mainly concerned with agro-horticultural intervention sponsored by NABARD and crop variety propagation in rainfed area sponsored by ICAR. The activity of the farmer’s producer’s organization is to take their produce in post harvesting channel to get a fair price of their produce through a viable market linkage. Farmers who produce do have the flexibility for backward integration to the extent of seed production and forward integration linking the market for having fair price for their products. GVT with its vast experience in agriculture sector develop capacity of the producers group of farmers right from seed production through various demonstrations on field, thereafter through introduction of advanced technology of farming and finally post harvesting mechanism so that group can earn a decent livelihood by making their product potentially marketable. 

Market Linkage: GVT provides market linkage to farmers and unemployed youths for selling Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and also supports them with modern knowhow on farm activities. 

Major highlights under this intervention are in the area of Agri-business, Handicrafts, and e-governance. GVT is providing market linkages to the farmers in order to enable them to get better prices. The main identified areas are Shahjahpur, Hazira and Dahod.  Work plan is divided into two steps (i) Cultivation on farmers land and providing backward and forward linkages to them for marketing (ii) Cultivation on own land in respective areas for the purpose of demonstration to the farmers. 

Producer Company : In order to ensure greater access and control over seed production and marketing of the same, seed producers presently engaged in seed multiplication progarmme were brought under the aegis of Seed Producers groups and these groups were transformed in to a Seed Producers Group Company and registered under amended Company Act of 2002 under which the proposed company would be a hybrid model of both cooperative spirit and corporate efficiency by hiring Chief Executive Officer and Marketing personnel respectively from the corporate sector while allowing the primary shareholders to concentrate on their primary occupation i.e., seed production in order to ensure quality products (seed).

For Fruits and Fresh Vegetables, Producers Group have been organized in district Purulia, West Bengal under a Registered Society which will be upscaled to form a Producers Company under Companies Act 2002. more


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