Geographical Information System (GIS) Cell

GIS (Geographic Information System) Cell

Our strength

Presently the GIS cell of GVT is contributing through geospatial science, tools and techniques in social development sector with the deep emphasis on following areas:-

1. Watershed mapping and analysis

 1.1. Preparation of thematic layers Such as. base map, soil cover, slope, aspect, geology, geomorphology, drainage, water body, land use etc. for detailed area profile.

 1.2. Impact assessment analysis using satellite data

Comparison of biophysical parameters status at pre stage and post stage scenario growth before the commencement of project /development scheme progress and evaluation of growth.

2. Climate resilience study on GIS platform

 2.1 Selection of appropriate climate model with specific focus on climatic variability,

 2.2 Selection of suitable Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) in correspondence with baseline dataset.

3. Geo-hydrological survey for Water resource development

 3.1 Aquifer disposition studies through inventory in surrounding area of Drainage and identification of suitable sites for the development of recharge.

 3.2 Hydro-geological survey based on  geophysical and electrical methods (through eminent and well experienced consultants).

4. Training and capacity building

· Hands on training of GPS devices and GIS software to officials, field monitors.

Our resources

· Three full time GIS specialists.

· One centralized lab at HO

· HP design jet T520, Licensed version of Arc GISTM, Open source GIS and image processing softwares, handheld GPS devices etrax 10

Submitted/ongoing project reports/analysis.

1. Baseline GIS report for Haryana IWMP batch III and Batch IV based.

2. Baseline GIS report of ODISHA IWMP project for Batch I.

3. End term evaluation GIS report of Odisha IWMP Batch I.

4. Climate resilience studies of two Micro-watersheds funded by NABARD.



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