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According to a recently published UN Report, India is home to largest number of poor with nearly two-thirds of the extreme poor (those who live on income less than a dollar a day) of the world living in India.  The report also claims that 60% of world population who defecate in open resides in India.

Since the inception of GVT, it has been our earnest attempt to alleviate poverty through its interventions. GVT has been working to provide improved and sustainable livelihood to poor in some of the most difficult rural areas where people in general are toiling hard to survive in most hostile ecological conditions.  We have set our new goal to bring change in the lives of 15 million people in next 10 years time period and help in reducing the poverty in India.

Our all interventions are targeted to provide sustainable livelihood solutions to the poor in a participatory approach.  We mobilize the beneficiaries by giving a clear message that the project in hand is to create a healthier economic condition for them if they come forward and take part in its implementation. Social mobilization of this kind helps in formation of groups which are significantly benefitted from these economic activities.  Groups hinged around our projects implementation get opportunities of productive employment for their economic growth. It results in a wider access to sustainable socio-economic opportunities for larger number of people while protecting the vulnerable, as all activities are being done in an environment of fairness and equal justice. Our interventions thus focus on the dynamics of sustainable growth and larger access to opportunities.

In the endeavor of bringing large part of the population under growth process, all segments of growth initiatives in India need to work in a synergistic way to make it a success. GVT stresses more on building partnership to bring inclusiveness and to raise the pace of growth in rural sector by gainful utilization of the contribution of public and private both. Now, corporates have also started aligning themselves with this agenda.  We at GVT, are fully committed to build partnership with Corporates to create productive and decent employment opportunities and social inclusion to ensure equal access to opportunities.


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