Seed Production Processing and Marketing – Sure Pathway to develop Agribusiness Domain in the Hinterlands

Gramin Vikas Trust has developed and demonstrated number of strategies like developing Seed Banks in the remote villages wherein the timely availability of the quality seeds remain a challenge for most of the small and marginal producers under subsistence agriculture, developing Seed Villages wherein farmers grow own seeds and become Seed Self Reliance attaining Seed Security, developing, strengthening and operationalizing Seed Cooperatives for commercial augmentation of the opportunities for developing Supply Chain and Value Chain Around Quality Seeds, incorporating Seed Producers Companies to undertake the seed as Key Agribusiness Enterprise and the most revolutionary Participatory Crop Improvement wherein farmers are involved at every stage of agriculture research and development. In the process, GVT has gained legitimacy for the new and innovative participatory research and technology development approach and has officially released many new varieties of crops like rice, maize, chickpea, black gram, horse gram, Niger etc.


Since the Trust has lineage with KRIBHCO which has accumulated rich experience, expertise and acumen in producing seeds involving the small and marginal farmers in the rainfed areas of the country.


The GOI has recently announced many tax exemptions, raised central sponsored subsidies on production, processing and marketing of the seeds and provides with many other financial benefits to the organizations accelerating the operations for seed production, processing and marketing.


Keeping in view KRIBHCO’s greater interest in the seed sector, serving its member constituencies of primary agriculture credit cooperatives, expanding the product portfolio from single product to multi-product line and ultimately contributing to the national food security mission besides, many such tax benefits and subsidies with financial gains accruing to the net kitty of its dwindling profits from the current business; it is envisaged that by developing local seed sector in the agribusiness domain would be beneficial for the rural agrarian communities developing synergy with greater service motto. The Trust thus provides excellent backstopping and field operations at much reduced cost.  




  1. To expand the seed business portfolio of the first party by adding new area under the certified commercial seed of the market and farmer preferred varieties of the key crops of the states like MP, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar and West Bengal;
  2. To increase the product portfolio by covering the major field crops namely wheat, rice, major millets like maize, sorghum, pulses and legumes, oilseeds producing seeds of newly released, notified and recommended varieties, composites, hybrids and other improved seeds;
  3. To produce on pilot scale the seeds of high value, low volume crops like vegetables both open pollinated and hybrids;
  4. To provide high quality, high performance seeds to the dedicated marketing channel i.e. primary credit cooperatives, besides the primary products like urea, super granulated urea, bio-fertilizers;
  5. To strengthen the brand image of the first party and provide steady sources of revenue to second party enabling it to continue its good work for the cause of rural poor;
  6. To develop seed market in the rainfed areas where other large mega corporations and agribusiness companies do not have any primary interest;
  7. To garner financial benefits, tax holidays and subsidies provided by the central and different state governments;   


The Strategy:


  1. Gramin Vikas Trust has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KRIBHCO, under which there is a Seed Production Division wherein GVT produces quality certified seeds on behalf of KRIBHCO and supplies it under the brand name of KRIBHCO;
  2. The Trust in this process engages many small and marginal growers in the certified seed production program in its project villages;
  3. The Trust provides parent seeds of market preferred varieties of major crops wherein production, marketing and distribution subsidies are available to  registered seed producers like KRIBHCO, provides technical and management support to registered seed growers, facilitates the certification process, procures raw seeds from the registered growers, process the seeds and provides finally tested and certified seeds to KRIBHCO marketing channel for retail sale through Primary Credit Cooperative;
  4. The entire operation leads to increased seed availability, enhanced Seed Replacement Rates, higher production levels, improvement in crop agronomy.        

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